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C-REAL is a research project that aims to realize a permanent, structural collaboration between a lender (Onesto) and a renovation consultant (Dubolimburg) to increase the renovation rate and quality in the province of Limburg. In order to achieve complete customer satisfaction, an effective collaboration between the renovation consultant and the construction industry will be established. The project receives the financial support of Horizon 2020.

Actively involving lenders to encourage homeowners and home buyers to renovate provides significant added value.

Lenders play a vital role in purchasing and often interact with buyers. In addition, because of the existing customer relationship, lenders can address owners directly. It is of great importance to lenders that the homes they finance are optimally energy efficient, in order to reduce their risk.

A range of financing options, combined with a range of services to provide technical advice and guidance during the renovation and a timely and qualitative implementation offers all parties significant added value. In this way, C-REAL paves the way for a clear, solid and scalable business model.

When setting up these structural partnerships and offering integrated home renovation services, we focus on 3 specific target groups that we guide through the entire customer journey:

  • We want house buyers to thoroughly renovate their home shortly after purchase and preferably before relocation
  • We want to encourage owners who already have a current mortgage to make their home more energy-efficient
  • Associations of co-owners (so-called 'VME's') of apartment buildings.

C-REAL will document and implement the developed methodologies for each of these target groups.
They will be used as a basis for recommendations to various potential stakeholders.

Energiehuis Limburg will integrate the results of the project into its current operations.

C-REAL has received funding from the European's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement no 890537.

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